COLLECTIONS by M.KERIBIN : Contemporary Paintings, Ceramics & African Art

jeudi 11 janvier 2024 14:00 00000
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COLLECTIONS by M.KERIBIN : Contemporary Paintings, Ceramics and African Art

Paintings: Yang Cheng, Attributed to Soledad Sevilla, Carles Gabarro, José Maria Garayo, Rafael Gonzalez Zapatero, Juan Luis Goenaga, Marcos, Bunus, Joan Bennassar, François Deck, Miguel Peña, Romain Suzzoni, Victor Koulbak, Zbigniew Krygier.

Ceramics: Robj, Florence Pauliac, Yvon Le Douget, Edmond Lachenal, V.Fontaine, Micheline Eschenbrenner, Charles Hair, Matthieu Robert, Maryse Tavernier, Jacqueline Courcoul, Louis Martin, Jean Jacquinot, Armel Hede, Seung Ho Yang, Daniel de Montmollin, Philippe Dubuc, Jacques Haeberlin, Dominique Dalloun, Mars Uzan, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Inayoshi Osamu.

African art: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Congo, Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Benin, Zulu, Ivory Coast, Chad, Gabon, Ethiopia... Masks, Statues, Bracelets, Coins, Fertility Dolls, Recade...


Thursday, January 9th 2024 - DROUOT ONLINE - 14H00

Selling expenses 28,80 % VAT included

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Phone : + 33 (0)1 45 66 54 96

Consultant : For Ceramics and African Art

Jean-Pierre LACOSTE

Telephone: +33 (0)6 61 43 63 46

To participate:

- Mandatory registration on Drouot Online (lots are not visible, the online catalog takes the place of the exhibition).

- The bidding ceiling is limited to 100 euros: Credit card registration and deposit compulsory for de-capping (debit in the event of non-payment of the slip).

Special conditions:

Pick-up of lots will be by appointment only, on Thursday January 25th, at Paris XIVe (Métro : Lignes 4/6 et 12 - Montparnasse).

[The exact address will be communicated to you after full payment of the slip, when the appointment is made].

If you are unable to attend, we can arrange delivery and shipping on request.

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