GRAPHIC ARTS: Lithographs, Posters including Cinema, Tickets, Action-Borrowing, Blotters, Pictures, Postcards and Books.

dimanche 02 février 2020 14:00
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Lithographs including Obey,

strong>span style="font-size:10.5pt">Posters : Exhibitions, Painters, Bezombes, French and Foreign Cinema, Charlie Hebdo, 38e Salon de l'Automobile et du Cycle (Derouet Fromentin), Proofs, Models...,

Banknotes, Stocks, Loans...,


Images and Chromos...,

Collection Postcards...,

Books from all eras.

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+33 (0)1 45 66 54 96

Small Reminder: In view of your address (Province and/or Foreigners) and WITHOUT instructions to the contrary from you, the lot(s) acquired will be shipped (costs at your expense) by our subcontractor. American Express checks and credit cards are not accepted.
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