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Tuesday 14 March 2023 - DROUOT ONLINE

A journey through time: Foreigners with many lots on Java (all parts of the Island), Asia, Province, Paris, Paris Region, Fancy, Illustrators, Trades, Events, Types, Scenes ..., Chromos, Images ...

Contact & Information :


+ 33 (0)1 45 66 54 96

To participate :

- Mandatory registration on Drouot Online (lots are not visible, the online catalog takes the place of the exhibition).

- The bidding ceiling is limited to 100 euros: Registration of the bank card and deposit are compulsory in order to de-cap it (debit in case of non-payment of the slip)

Special conditions:

The withdrawal of the lots will be done on imperative appointment.

[The exact address will be communicated to you after full payment of the slip, when making the appointment].

We propose you solutions of deliveries and expeditions on estimate, if you cannot move.

Sales conditions