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25/01/1943 - 17/12/2018


Of Basque origin, Jean Cormier was a journalist for some fifty years with the editorial staff of Le Parisien. A rugby specialist, he also followed the Tour de France and all the world's major sporting events, including the Olympic Games.

The Jean Cormier literary prize for the best French-language sports book was created in 2022 by the Échanges en Tribunes association and Caviar magazine.

A writer of thousands of columns, he was also an eminent specialist in Latin America, his "adopted land", and wrote several books and documentaries on the Cuban Revolution and the Amazon Indians, with whom he lived for long periods in the Brazilian forest.

A biographer of Che Guevara and a close friend of his family, his books "Che guevara : Le temps des révélations" and "Che Guevara : compagnon de la Révolution" have become historical references, as have his exhibitions "L'Etoile du Che" in 2003.

Jean Cormier also embodied famous Parisian festive and cultural events.

For the first Rugby World Cup in 1987, he organized the first "Marathon des Leveurs de Coude". Teams of ten or so disguised participants are served wine at each stop in tastevins worn around their necks. They tour 42 local bars (in reference to the 42 km distance of the Olympic walking marathon) after a mass in French and Basque at Saint-Sulpice church.

In 2011, he and his friend Denis Lalanne invented the "Festival Singe-Germain", a German-Pratin cultural and sporting festival paying tribute to Antoine Blondin, sports journalist and author of the novel "Un singe en hiver".


On rugby:

- Grand Slam 1977

- Les Capitaines du XV de France (Collection Les Grands du sport)

- The Marathon: Following in Professor Saillant's footsteps in 1981

- Il était une fois Jean-Pierre Rives, 1985,

- Jeux d'hiver, jeux d'humour, with Avoine, 1991

- Le Livre d'or du rugby 1992, with Pierre Albaladejo, 1992,

- Le Livre d'or du rugby 2003, with Pierre Albaladejo, and Fabien Pelous, 2003,

- Le Livre d'or du rugby, with Pierre Albaladejo, and Imanol Harinordoquy, 2004,

- Rugby: Livre d'or 2005, with Pierre Albaladejo, and Dimitri Yachvili, 2005,

- Rugby, with Pierre Albaladejo and preface by Jérôme Thion, 2006,

- Ibanez, le rugby à bout de bras, with Raphaël Ibanez, Frédéric Brandon, illustrated by Frédéric Brandon, 2007

- Livre d'Or du Rugby 2007,

- Rugby 2008, with Pierre Albaladejo, and Bernard Lapasset, 2008

- Livre d'Or Rugby 2009, with Pierre Albaladejo, 2009

- Rugbymania: French flair attitude, Paris, éditions Solar, November 10, 2016

On Che Guevara:

- Che Guevara. Le temps des révélations 2017

- Che Guevara, 2002

- Che Guevara: companion of the revolution


- Alcools de nuit with Antoine Blondin and Roger Bastide, 1988

- Alcools de nuit: Cormier toasts with Blondin and Bastide, 2007,

- Le cure de Soweto, co-written with Mgr Emmanuel Lafont, in 2011

- Gueules de chef in 2013

- Blondin (in collaboration with Symbad de Lassus), in 2016


- L'étoile du Che in Paris from May 22 to June 19, 2003: 150 photographs by René Burri, Chinolope, Raul Corrales, Alberto Figueroa, Alberto Korda, Liborio Noval, Roger Pic, Perfecto Romero, Osvaldo Salas.


- 1987: Parlez-moi du Che, co-directed with Pierre Richard

- 1999: Le Defi des Tembe (about Amazonian Indians)

- 2007: Anoumalë, being and becoming Wayana.

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